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“Uh…No! I wanna cum on your tits!” Jenny giggled then said “okay” with a smile. She worked my cock faster with her breasts and I moaned, She spat on her hand and released my cock from her tits. She replaced them with her hand and stroked me. She used her other arm to hold her breasts together. The first shot came out and ended up flying in the air, missing her. She aimed my cock at her breasts and I shot the rest onto her wonderful tits. I coated her breasts with my cum as she continued to stroke me. By the time I finished, her breasts were as glazed as a couple of cinnamon rolls. She put the glans of my cock into her mouth to clean whatever cum remained inside or outside of it. She got up and was kneeling on the bed in front of me. She rubbed my cum all over her breasts and I quickly lifted her. I threw her onto her back and put my face at her pussy. Before I could lick her, she reminded me, “We gotta get ready for work, it’s already 6:30!” I thought in my head ‘Damn it! She’s right!’ I got up to take a shower. Before I entered our master bathroom, I turned to her and said, “You and I aren’t finished, I’ll get you back when we get back home.” I got up to shower and I wanted Jenny to join me, but she decided to cook breakfast in the nude. She licked up what she could from the cum I left on her breasts and swallowed. It was better for her not to join me. We both knew that if she joined me, we’d end up not leaving the shower for at least an hour. I was out the door in less than 15 minutes, clean and with a full stomach. As I headed out the door, Jenny said, I got in my car and drove off to work. I got the usual traffic on my way. I hate traffic and I'm sure everyone would say they hate it too—who doesn’t? Once I got to work, I found out that a new person was coming to assist me and my coworkers with a current project we were working on. I gathered with everyone to greet her. Her name was Elizabeth. She came to work here with us temporarily. They said she’d be here for a week or two. I shook her hand, gave her a friendly smile, and said, “Hi, I’m Jack, nice to meet you.” “Elizabeth, but you can call me Lizzy. It’s nice to meet you too Jack.” she said with a reflected smile. Elizabeth was a lovely brunette with brown eyes. Her breasts were B’s and her ass was very nice and very tight. She reminded me of a friend of mine and Jenny’s. Lexi, she had a threesome with me and Jenny back on our anniversary and up to now continues that every now and then on special occasions. Elizabeth seemed like a sweet girl, but I did not think anything more about her than that. Little did I know, Elizabeth had her eye on me. During lunch time, she asked if she could tag along with me and a couple of coworkers and I agreed of course. I’m just a nice person and I enjoy meeting new people. We all chose to eat at a Japanese restaurant and everyone immediately gave the new girl attention. They asked her questions about herself and then they talked about favorite music and movies with her. All the basic stuff you’d talk about with a new person. I was happy for her, seeing her fit in. I know what it’s like to feel left out. I was a shy kid during middle school and the beginning of high school. Once everyone stopped talking, she decided to talk to me, “Hey Jack, so what’s your favorite movie?” “I dunno to be honest. I guess Pulp Fiction maybe.” “That’s an awesome movie! You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese in Paris?” “A Royale with Cheese.” I said with a smile, finishing her movie quote. She smiled back at me and continued to talk to me about more movies. We somehow got to Scarface, then the Godfather, and then The Deer Hunter. I quickly noticed that she was only talking to me and not my coworkers. However, my coworkers didn’t seem to mind. They just talked amongst themselves. When the food came, we stopped the conversation and ate. She saw that I had gotten a side of sushi for everyone to enjoy. She commented, “I just like doing this for them, they’re my good friends.” “Yeah, but still, nice to see that not all handsome guys are assholes.” I found that to be sort of forward, but I just shrugged it off thinking that it was just her personality to talk like that to people. We continued to eat and quickly finished, needing to get back to work on time. When everyone left for their cars, it was only me and Elizabeth. We walked together in the parking lot since our cars were parked in the same general area. She asked, “So…I was wondering…did you wanna get coffee sometime?” I knew where she was going with this. I held up my hand to show her my wedding ring and answered, She had a look of disappointment, but quickly removed it from her face and replied, “Oh no, no, no! I didn’t mean a date. I meant to talk about the project. I’ll only be here for so long and then I gotta leave back to home.” “Oh, okay, sorry, I misunderstood. I don’t mind meeting to talk about this while getting some coffee.” “Would the Starbucks near work be okay?” We went back to work and the day was over before I knew it. I returned home to Jenny, beat from the long day. She was washing leftover dishes in the sink and didn’t seem to notice me. I sneaked up behind her and knelt. I pressed my face into her ass and she jumped, dropping the plate she was washing back into the sink. Jenny yelled at me, I reached around and unbuttoned her jeans. I unzipped the zipper and pulled her jeans down along with her underwear. Her ass was now exposed to me and I quickly put my hands onto her butt cheeks. I spread her beautiful white globes and put my nose to her asshole to allow my tongue better access to her pussy. Jenny gasped at the sudden sensation on her pussy and asshole. I licked at her pussy and inhaled. She had showered not too long ago. Her cute little asshole smelled like soap instead of ass. I didn’t mind either way. She’s my woman and she’s sexy to me 24/7. Jenny turned off the water for the sink and dried her hands. She then put her hands on the counter and pushed her ass into my face. I stopped licking and said, “I told you I’d get you back, didn’t I?” I went back to licking her pussy. I could smell her aroused scent while I continued to lick. I stuck my tongue in her pussy and licked around inside. She gasped and reached down to play with her clitoris. I could taste her sweet leakage from her pussy. She was secreting a lot from her excitement. I licked up whatever came to me and swallowed it. Jenny moaned, I pulled my tongue out and licked at the outside of her pussy. As I licked, I stopped right in between the opening of her pussy and the wrinkled opening of her anus. I continued to do this in order to tease her. It only served to bring her closer to orgasm. She begged me, “Honey! Please stop teasing me! Please, I want it! Lick it!” I did as she pleaded. I licked up her pussy for the last time and continued up. I licked at her pink asshole and stuck two fingers in her pussy. Jenny moaned louder this time. She loved it when I licked her ass. I’d say almost as much as her pussy. I licked upwards a few times then pulled my fingers out of her pussy. I spread her ass even further with both hands. Her asshole stretched a bit, but still remained very tight. I knew how to fix that. I pressed the tip of my tongue against her asshole and began to force my way in there. Jenny just rubbed her clitoris faster and I returned my hand to her pussy to finger her again. Soon, her sphincter gave way and allowed me to penetrate her with my tongue. Jenny moaned to me, “Oh Jack! Yes! Yes! Stick your tongue in my ass! Violate it!” ‘Violate…hmm, that’s a new one.’ I thought to myself. I could feel Jenny’s asshole accept my tongue as it began to open while I pushed. I did my best to get my tongue as deep into her ass as I could. I wiggled my tongue as if my life depended on it and Jenny moaned my name as she came, Jenny’s asshole squeezed around my tongue and then released. It repeated this pattern until she had finished cumming. I pulled out my tongue and gave her asshole one more nice lick. I got to my feet and Jenny immediately turned around to tongue my mouth. She kissed me passionately and I tongued back the moment I felt hers touch mine. I lifted off her shirt and she helped me get it off as she stepped out of her pants and underwear. She quickly removed her bra and was now completely naked in front of me. Jenny jumped on me and I caught her. She put her arms around me as I held her up by her ass. She wrapped her legs around me and clung to me like a koala. I turned around and headed for the dining table. It had table mats, a plastic vase with flowers, and a candle on top of it. I put Jenny back on her feet and sweep everything off, not caring that water and flowers, along with everything else, spilled on the floor. I grabbed Jenny and lifted her up again. We kissed as I put her bare butt on the table. Jenny caressed my face as I undid my pants and let it drop with my underwear to the floor around my ankles. My cock throbbed for her. I aimed it at her entrance and I thrusted in as I moved in to kiss her. I felt the familiar warmth and velvet touch of her pussy. I kissed Jenny as I started to pump away at her. She clawed my back and moaned in my ear, “Oh honey! Fuck me! Fuck my wet pussy!” I fucked her savagely. I had no control over my animalistic lust. The table rocked as I fucked Jenny’s wet pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned loudly. I continued this for a few more minutes, then I decided to pick her up again. I didn’t want to break the dining table. We broke the last one because we fucked too long on it and it gave in. She clung to me and leaned her body against mine. I walked to our living room and landed us on the couch. I resumed our fuck session where I knew we wouldn’t break anything. Jenny kissed me and kept her arms and legs wrapped around me. She used her legs to push my ass, causing me to thrust forward. She was letting me know that she wanted it deeper. I forced my cock in as far as it could go, causing her to cry out in bliss. We did this for I don’t know how long. We lost track of time, but we didn’t care. Time was irrelevant to me and Jenny when we made love or fooled around. After a while, I finally came with her and collapsed on top of her. We were both panting and wetting the couch with our sweat. I got off her and got off the couch to sit next to her. She sat up and kneelt behind me. She hugged me from behind and said, We both smiled and held each other for a few minutes, enjoying the touch of each other’s bodies and that post-sex feeling you get after a nice long fuck. Sex, for me, is always better when it’s with someone you love. After a few minutes, Jenny looked at her guitar that she kept in the living room and asked me, “Hey babe, can you teach me more about scales tomorrow?” Jenny and I play guitar. I’ve been teaching her music theory and difficult techniques like sweeping and alternate picking since the time we started dating. She only played chords when we first met and she’s come a long way since then. “Oh, sorry baby, I gotta go to that Starbucks near my work. I’m gonna meet a coworker there. She and I are gonna talk about that project I’m working on.” “Oh okay. Hey is it Diana? I needed to return that bowl she lent us.” “Nah, it’s some new girl. She’s just coming in to help us and then she’s gonna leave soon after.” Jenny and I headed up to go shower together, but I ended up diving on the bed. She tried to wake me up, but I grabbed her and pulled her onto the bed. She tried to break free of my grasp, telling me “Come on, get up babe!”, but she ended up submitting and we both fell asleep without showering. The next day, I met up with Elizabeth. She smiled at me and greeted me cheerfully. She looked like she put some extra make up on and I could smell some perfume. I knew she was trying to charm me, but I wasn’t having it. She made conversation with me as we stood in line. “So what’s your favorite thing to get here?” “I dunno…I love the stuff on their secret menu. All the stuff that’s bad for you.” “Really? Haha, my favorite is the Green Safari Frap.” “What’s that? I’ve never heard of that one.” We were up next in line. She stepped forward and she said to me, I ended up ordering a Double Chocolate Chip Frap. It’s funny, we said coffee and we both ended up getting fraps with no coffee in them. We got our drinks and I saw why they called it Green Safari. I was guessing that it was some kind of mint flavored frap. Elizabeth offered me a sip and I accepted out of curiosity for its taste. I offered for her to try mine and she accepted. It was only fair. We exchanged our drinks for a moment and I thought the Green Safari was actually pretty good. I tasted green tea with a mix of what tasted like caramel and possibly hazelnut. We gave each other back our drinks and I complimented, “Chocolate’s always tasty, but I love caramel.” She replied. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but now that I look back, I think that that was her discrete way of flirting. Since my skin is brown and all. We sat down and she brought out her laptop. We talked about work throughout the whole time. It was very professional, in a laid back setting ironically. I was worried that she might have been planning to seduce me. However, I was quite happy with the way she remained during the time we talked. We both stayed serious on the matter, but had a couple of laughs from jokes we cracked every now and then. She was actually quite cool…that was until after she closed her laptop. She put it away and said, “I like you Jack. You seem very responsible compared to other people I’ve met around work. I also hear great things about you.” As Elizabeth said that, she caressed my hand. I moved my hand away and said while feeling awkward, She could tell that I didn’t like that but played it cool and did not advance further. The rest of our time together was okay after that. We both said our goodbyes and I headed home. When I got home, I could hear Jenny playing her guitar. I walked into our living room and she smiled at me saying, “It was good. She knew what she was talking about and we respectfully shared ideas.” “That’s great. Can you tell me if I’m doing this right?” Jenny began to play the five different shapes of the pentatonic scale. I was happy for her progress. When she finished them, I congratulated her. Jenny put her guitar back on its stand and got up to kiss me. After we kissed, I complimented her skill, “You’re getting a lot better with your fingers. I can see it.” “Yeah, but I wanna be as good as you one day.” “Don’t compare baby, it’s only because I’ve been playing longer. That’s all.” “I’m happy with how skilled you are with your fingers. In fact, I’m very satisfied.” She winked. She grabbed my crotch and rubbed it sensually. I knew where this was going. I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. I let my cock free and Jenny immediately put it in her mouth. I removed all of my clothes and she stopped blowing me for a brief moment to strip herself down. I was about to sit on the couch to get comfortable, but then I saw our bag where we keep our guitar equipment in. I had some dirty ideas going through my head. I opened it and pulled out two Kyser capos. I clamped them down on Jenny’s breasts, on the area of her areolas. She moaned in pain and pleasure for a moment and then went back to sucking me. I was loving the blowjob, but I wanted to make her feel good too. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and stood up. I removed the bag from the couch and put it on the carpet. I laid down on the couch and Jenny climbed on top of me, putting her beautiful white ass in front of my face. As her ass got closer to my face, it spread out more, exposing her cute little anus. I could smell the sweet fragrance of her pussy. The moment I felt her put me back in her mouth, I began to assault her clitoris with my tongue. I could feel the capos slipping off of Jenny’s breasts, but it didn’t bother me. Instead, I decided to reach around inside the bag and use something else. I was trying to find a specific item without looking. I pulled out a whammy bar for one of my electrics and I put it in Jenny’s pussy to lube it. I pulled it out and pressed it against Jenny’s little pink asshole. It went in easily, being a thin object. Jenny gasped, “What is that?! That’s not your finger!” I began to move it in and out of Jenny’s ass as I went back to licking her clitoris. Jenny went back to sucking me off and we did this for a few more minutes. I stuck two fingers into her pussy to add to her pleasure. It became so intense for Jenny that she had to stop sucking me and moan. Whenever I do what I like to call triple stimulation, Jenny’s helpless. This time was no different. She just humped my face as I fucked her pussy with my finger and fucked her ass with the whammy bar. I licked with every ounce of strength my tongue had and I played her ass like a guitar with that whammy lodged in it. Jenny was going crazy from the pleasure and was humping my face so wildly that her pussy’s juices were getting on my face. She was on the verge of climax, so she pinched her nipples hard then she cried out one last time and climaxed. She was panting after she was finished and she got off me once she caught her breath. The whammy bar was still stuck in her ass and she reached around to pull it out. She looked back and said in shocked, I wanted to laugh so badly, but I just said in a rebellious tone, “Babe! God, I was wondering what that was you stuck back there!” “Look, as far as I’m concerned, it still worked, I mean, it still made beautiful sounds when I moved it around.” “You ass! That’s it, I’m not making you cum.” I got up and she gave me a cute pouty look. I begged for her to finish me off. I needed release, there was just no way I could go on without cumming after all that. She then said angrily while pushing me to the couch, My ass landed on the couch and I saw that pouty look turn to sincere anger. I remained silent, but then her face gave a smile and she got on her knees in front of me. She stroked me and giggled, “You should have seen the look on your face! Come on babe, you know I can’t resist your beautiful cock!” Man, she got me good. She sucked me off and I soon found myself approaching climax. She deepthroated me fast and hard. She looked into my eyes and I looked back, admiring how hot she looked with my cock in her mouth. I moaned and warned her that I was close. She continued for a few more seconds and then I released my cum into her mouth. She swallowed it all up and pulled my cock out. She smiled at me and asked, I smiled and kissed her, then gave her a simple “Yup”. I picked up my guitar and I spent the rest of the day helping Jenny with her music skills and jamming with her while we were both still naked. For whoever plays guitar, I have to say, try playing naked! Especially if your significant other plays too. It…is…awesome! When Monday came around, I headed to work again to talk to Elizabeth about the project. She remained professional, but every now and then, she did things to get my attention. She’d drop something and bend over to show her ass to me or lean over on the table so her cleavage would be visible to me. I, however, remained professional. I just ignored it and continued to talk about work. She would continue to do this throughout the week and would make flirtatious compliment towards me. I kindly accepted, but did not flirt back. I wanted to keep our relationship platonic. The last thing I want is a rumor going around that I’m banging the new girl behind my wife’s back. Her behavior wasn’t unbearable, but it got worse the moment she met Jenny. Jenny had come to visit me at work and surprised me in my office. She wanted to have sex during lunch. It was something we did once in a while. She was on my lap, putting her arms around me while I was sitting on my office chair. She rubbed her ass on my groin in an attempt to get me horny. Goddamn it she won. I was about to ask her to get off so I could lock the door, but then Elizabeth came into my office without knocking. She said as she walked in, “Hey Jack, this is an emergency, I need you to—” She saw Jenny sitting on my lap with her arms around me and she froze. Jenny immediately got off and it was painfully awkward for a few seconds. I decided to break the ice and introduce them to one another. “Uh, baby, this is Elizabeth, she’s the new girl who joined us last week. Lizzy, this is Jenny, my wife.” “Oh, uh…nice to meet you.” Elizabeth said politely. Both of them exchanged friendly smiles—thank God—and the atmosphere didn’t seem as awkward. Jenny grabbed her purse and gave me a quick kiss. She said while leaving, “It looks like you’re busy. I’ll let you get back to work. See you at home honey.” Once Jenny was gone, I turned my attention to Elizabeth and said, “Sorry, it’s just that this is an emergency. Things aren’t going as planned.” “It’s alright. We can fix it…” Elizabeth and I talked for an extensive amount of time. Our discussion on the urgent matter took the rest of my lunch break. The day went on as usual and I was soon back at home with Jenny. Evening had come and we both went to bed. It was just another ordinary day. The next day, I met Elizabeth at work to ask if there were any other problems, but I noticed that she sat a lot closer to me. Her flirty remarks became a lot more bold and I’m pretty sure she showed her crack to me a couple of times on purpose. When it was the two of us alone again during the afternoon, I had finally had enough. She said as she looked to my crotch, “…yeah, but I’m sure a guy like you has the stamina and can do it no sweat.” “Alright Lizzy, look, I am not interested in you in that way. I value our friendship, but I cannot allow you to act this way towards me anymore.” “I know you’re showing off your body to me. I’m not stupid.” “Look Jack, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Elizabeth was obviously denying and lying. I didn’t want to make this into an argument, more than it already was. So I said, “Please, just stop trying to tease me.” I shut my mouth right away. I’m always careful of what I say to a lady. I almost said something along the lines of “yeah, but doing this isn’t going to change my opinion” which really, if you think about it, can be taken the wrong way. I tried to make a quick save. “…but, but you are pretty. You’re very beautiful. I say that in the most innocent way.”

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