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Troiona asks for help from the neighbor, to thank him pays in kind

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Though I hadn’t yet had my fill of her succulent flesh for the moment I had a more pressing need to attend to. My cock had swelled in the restricted confines of my trousers and it had become quite uncomfortable for me in this position so I was forced to pull my mouth off her. After I did I pinched her nipple between my thumb and forefinger before releasing it. “Claire, why don’t you kneel on the yoga mat now. I have something for you” I told her with a lascivious leer. She knew what I meant and wasted no time in getting herself into position. Quickly she knelt down while looking up at me with what can only be described as a wanton expression on her gorgeous face. For in spite of the coerced circumstances of our encounter it seemed Claire intended on enjoying herself to the fullest. Her eyes watched intently as I moved before her and when my hands unbuckled my belt she licked her full lips sensuously. “Here, let me help you” she told me as she reached up and unfastened my pants. Next she pulled down my zipper and my trousers and boxers soon followed. Claire let out a squeal when my hard cock sprang free and then it was my turn as her slim hand wrapped around my thick shaft. She stroked it a few times making it swell even more and causing me to wildly pump my hips in response. “Ooh, you like that I see. I bet you’d like it even more if I were to kiss it” she said right before she put her words into action. Claire leaned forward and brought her painted red lips to the tip of my cock and bestowed a kiss there. My gasp became a moan when her lips parted and swallowed my mushroom head and continued forward taking more of my turgid flesh. Her hand continued to pump my lower shaft as she sucked me and her tongue slithered across my burning flesh while she did. My hand stroked her hair in encouragement of her continuing oral efforts and in reaction to that her eyes met mine. She built up a rapid rhythm where her hand and mouth worked in conjunction to pleasure my thick, hard tool when her other hand took hold of my full balls and squeezed them. With no warning I lost control and groaned loudly while thrusting deeper into her welcoming mouth. She didn’t miss a beat and continued to caress the boys as they let loose with a torrent of hot, white cum which she managed to swallow as fast as I could ejaculate it. Even when no more came she kept sucking me for another minute as I began to soften. Finally she pulled her mouth off me but Claire still held my member in her hand. After first looking me in my eye she swirled her nimble tongue all around the sensitive head until I couldn’t take it anymore. “No more Claire. But damn, you are a talented little cocksucker, aren’t you?” That comment didn’t seem to bother her, in fact she then began to run her tongue down the length of the underside of my cock until she reached my ball sack. “You can stop now but only because its time for your yoga lesson” I said to her with a wicked grin. “Oh, are you going to teach me now Don?” she asked, feigning innocence. “You bet your sweet, beautiful ass I am. Now assume the downward dog pose.” I think I caught her by surprise with that but she wasted little time in scrambling into the pose I’d told her to. For those unfamiliar with it, just imagine a beautiful and fit woman wearing black yoga pants and nothing else with her feet planted on the mat while she’s bent at the waist with her torso pointed down and her palms pressed to the mat, like an upside down v. Well that was the incredible sight that was before me. Placing my hand on the small of her back to steady her I delivered a few sharp smacks to Claire’s firm posterior before squatting behind her. My fingers slid under the waistband of her yoga pants and tugged them down until her thong clad full moon was revealed in all its glory to my eager eyes. My strong hands slid up the soft, smooth skin of her thighs while my lips kissed her succulent cheeks hungrily. “Ooh Don, that tickles” she told me with a giggle. “Yeah, well how about this” I said to her right before delivering another slap to her toned ass. “I like that too” Claire saucily replied. “Spread your legs a little wider” I ordered the adulterous wife and she obeyed instantly, shifting her left leg a couple of inches. My hand grabbed the top part of her thong and pulled it up making the thin material slide between her plump pussy lips from the external pressure. My mouth kissed her through the fabric but I wanted, no needed much more. After one last tug I reversed course and pulled the thong down to her knees where it joined her bunched yoga pants. Now with no barrier remaining between her pretty pussy and my mouth I extended my tongue until it touched her wet, pink flesh. Claire let out a groan and pushed her pelvis back with the intention of engulfing my tongue within but I thwarted her by bringing it back into my mouth. Instead I smothered her slit with multiple kisses while also reaching around her leg until my index finger made contact with her erect clitoris. “Oh God! That feels so good Don. Play with me please!” For an answer my finger started to gently rub her there while I pushed my tongue into her juicy hole. My other hand dug into the flesh of her hip and guided her back and forth so my tongue slid in and out of her dripping cunt. “Ooh yes, fuck me with your tongue Don! That’s it!” she exclaimed as my tongue probed her wet tunnel. In spite of having cum just a little earlier I was becoming so turned on that my cock began to rise again. My face pressed into the flesh of her ass and legs as I forced my tongue to its limit in her tasty treat after which I started to rotate it in a circular motion. While doing this I continued to play with her clit with my finger when suddenly I felt Claire’s whole body stiffen. “Yes!” she cried out as a copious amount of her juices flowed around my invading tongue as a powerful orgasm took her to the heights of pleasure. After removing my tongue from her pink I delivered a final lick that ran the length of her pussy before standing. Taking hold of my cock I smacked it on her firm booty a few times to fully harden it right before guiding it to her sopping entrance. “Yes Don, right there. Put that big, hard dick inside me and fuck me” I heard her plead. “You mean like this” I told her as my cockhead penetrated her womanly folds for the first time. Claire let out a loud moan as I pushed deeper into her pussy but she was so tight I was having trouble working my full length into her. I’m not sure if it was because the guys who came before me were, how can I delicately put this, were all undersized or it was due to her yoga exercise regimen, not that it mattered. All I knew was that her vaginal muscles were squeezing me like a velvet vise and it felt great. Taking hold of her hips with both hands I kept working deeper until with a final push my balls collided with her body. “Damn Claire! You are so tight its incredible, what’s your secret?” I asked while pausing for a moment. “Ooh, do you like it Don? Does it feel good? Because you haven’t felt anything yet” she replied and a second later I felt her muscles tighten on me to the point I was momentarily held helpless in her clenching pussy. “Maybe it’s the yoga with some kegel’s thrown in for good measure.” “Whatever it is, all I know is you have a wonderful pussy Claire-bear” I said as I reached under her and roughly grabbed her swaying breast. I’m not sure if it was my hand groping her or what I’d called her but whichever it was caused Claire to relax a little and loosen her vagina’s grip on my erection. Taking immediate advantage I pulled almost my full length out leaving just my swollen head in her but just as quickly I buried my bone again. From that moment on I pounded Claire-bear’s sticky honey pot like I owned it for the next several minutes. In the position her body was in with her hands braced against the floor I could really go to town on her so I did. Then while watching as my thick cock slid in and out of her pink pussy I got an idea that caused me to smile. Since I hadn’t fully removed my pants but had just let them hang on my lower legs it was a simple matter to reach down and grab my cell phone from its holder on my belt. While I continued to work deep in her I switched the phone to video mode and focused it on my thick shaft as it moved in and out and how her puffy pussy lips stretched to accommodate it, releasing it reluctantly as it pulled out before eagerly accepting its return. After around a minute I shut the phone off and put in in my shirt pocket allowing me to grab her hips with both hands. If Claire thought I had been giving it my best effort she must have been surprised for now I really let loose. Our bodies collided to the sound of slapping flesh with each rapid thrust and my swinging balls hit her clit each time. By now her juices was running down her legs in tiny rivulets and my cock made a squishing sound as it probed her wet hole. Around this time I looked down and noticed that the muscles in her thighs were trembling from the strain of holding the pose while being banged as hard as was happening. After a final deep thrust I pulled my cock from her then smacked her quivering ass with it. “Claire-bear, next position is the cow pose. Assume it” I ordered in a stern voice and without a word she complied and as she did I removed my shoes and trousers. Now most might be familiar with what’s called doggy style, where a woman is on her hands or elbows and knees and for all practical purposes that is what the cow pose is. So once Claire was in position I moved in front of her and guided my hard cock to her ready lips. She opened wide and my meat slid inside her hot mouth. She bobbed her head for a minute on me, sucking and licking my hard flesh enthusiastically. Taking hold of her head with both hands I pushed my cock deeper until reaching the back of her mouth. Maybe it was the angle or perhaps the width of my cockhead but when I attempted to work it into her throat Claire gagged and coughed. Realizing it was not to be, at least at that moment, I pulled back until my cock was outside her mouth. Two quick steps and I was behind her where I squatted down with a foot on either side of her legs. Gripping my shaft I brought it to her pink slit which I rubbed for a minute when Claire lifted a hand off the mat and reached back to pull me into her hungry cunt. She felt very hot and wet to me while at the same time being so soft and yielding. As I sank deep she let out a groan while pushing her hips all the way back until meeting my body and swallowing every hard inch inside her in the process. “That’s it Claire-bear! Fuck me like that” I told her and she wasted little time in doing so. She rocked back and forth and as that happened my hand spanked her ass lightly in time to her movement. As time went on I moved my hands onto her shoulders which allowed me to speed her body by pulling it back to me. Finally I began thrusting forward to meet her but I couldn’t do it for too long in that position with the strain on my legs. Claire might practice yoga and be as flexible as a crooked politician but I wasn’t quite that limber. “Okay, time for one more pose before today’s lesson concludes Claire-bear.” “What’s the matter with this one Don, I like it” she protested. “The pose should never be harder for the instructor than the student is why” I told her as I drove deep in her sweet honey pot. “I like when its hard for the student, the instructor being hard I mean” she naughtily replied. “Doesn’t matter either way, now assume the sunbird pose. It will be a perfect finishing move” I said right before pulling out and then kneeling behind her. There was no way she could have gotten into proper position if I had stayed where I was. Once I had moved out of the way Claire had the opportunity to raise and extend her left leg while keeping her hands and other leg on the mat. Seeing her like that I had to pause a minute to admire her technique and form before again entering her womanly gates. Her pussy looked so tempting to me, all wet and swollen and the lips gaped slightly open from having been filled a minute ago. Before they had a chance to close I again brought my hard member to her hole and worked the mushroom head in. By this time she easily accepted my full length and it slid in until my balls brushed against her. My left arm encircled her raised leg to keep it in position and once I did my hips began to pump forward and back. Because of her body position I was able to angle my thrusts in an upward direction while I placed my right hand on the mat behind me for support. Claire was again using her yoga trained muscles to put the big squeeze on me and I tried everything I could to not cum too quickly. My defenses crumbled however when in spite of the position she was in Claire managed to reach between her legs with her right hand and take hold of my balls and caress them. As happened before when she was blowing me her magic fingers on my cojones proved too much for me to overcome. With a gasp I drove my cock to its limit in her as it began to spew rich, creamy cum deep inside her. “Don, are you cumming in me?” she asked with concern clearly evident in her voice. “Yes I am” I grunted in reply as I painted her vagina white “but don’t worry. I was fixed years ago so you have nothing to worry about.” “Really, how interesting. So no matter what time of month you are good to go. I must remember that and now I know another reason you‘re so popular with the ladies” she said as she lowered her leg back down to the mat. With one final smack to her ass I pulled my very satisfied cock out of her. Without being asked she spun her body around and after first taking hold of it she then sucked it for a minute before releasing it. While I dressed she remained kneeling and gazed at me like she wanted to say something and right before I finished she did. “I have to admit Don that I’ve heard stories about you before or I should say I’ve heard a whisper in the elevator here or two women giggling in the lobby as they looked your way there. If I’d known that what I was looking for was here the whole time then I wouldn’t have had to go so far afield in search of a little relief.” “Well remember Claire that discretion is the word and let’s not forget that this is a classy building. We have a reputation to maintain, you know” I told her as I zipped up. “So if you need a yoga lesson on occasion then maybe I’m your man, but only on the sly. As I told you earlier I do like your husband so we can’t be discovered. Come to my apartment instead.” The next Monday was my day off yet there I was in 4A when the doorbell rang. Claire-bear smiled at me as she rose from her yoga mat to go answer the door while I stepped into the kitchen as we’d previously agreed upon. The sound of footsteps and voices came to me as I waited for the pre-arranged signal from Claire. In anticipation of what was about to happen I was as hard as a rock when I heard her say it. “No Evan, I’m sorry but I don’t require your services any more. I’ve found a new and better instructor.” No sooner had she uttered these words than I burst into the room resplendently clad in my yoga garb including a red motivational headband adorning my head. His jaw dropped when he recognized me and he began to sputter incoherently while waving his arms about impotently. “Triangle pose Claire” I ordered her and without another glance in his direction the upper east side wife moved into a perfect pose. As she stood there bent at the waist with her torso twisted to the side with one arm pointed up and the other down I stood to the side of her. My hands pushed down my yoga pants to reveal my upward cock pose and I next brought it to her mouth. Claire opened wide and ran her tongue along me when I slid it between her lips into her warm mouth. I heard Evan whimper pitiably when I pulled my hard cock, now wet with her saliva, from her mouth and move behind her. It took only a few seconds to yank down her pants and she was already wet and ready to go. Claire’s moan as I filled her was music to my ear and her vise like pussy was heaven to my sense of touch as it clamped on my cock. My hand reached out and closed on her soft breast while the other sought out the button between her sleek thighs and pressed it. Now that we were in position I started to slide in and out of her clenching pussy while my hands continued to stimulate her erogenous zones. We had been going at it for some time when hearing something I turned in the direction where Evan had stood. It seemed that after watching Claire’s lesson for a while he had slunk away with his tail between his legs ceding the field to me. “Hey Claire-bear, looks like Evan couldn’t bear to watch you have a good time without him.” “Good riddance. I can’t believe I wasted my time with him. He was okay but nothing like you Don.” “Few are but you know how life goes. Yoga win some and yoga lose some” I answered philosophically while continuing to fill her gap. Coming soon: Another Don the Degenerate Doorman story. As the limo rolled down the road Denzell offered Marybeth some champagne. He advised her she really should drink a bit. Marybeth did a little bit and felt it hit her like a ton of bricks. Aargh empty stomach. Denzel offerd her some light snacks which she ate to overcome the alcohol. Marybeth got up the courage to ask why this was happening. Denzel smiled his big toothy grin then told her that his employer had picked her when he watched her and her spoiled brat daughter. He realized that the daughter could get anything she wanted and mommy dearest would do whatever was needed to get it. It was a sad state of affairs. Her downfall was maternal instinct and a brat who used it to her advantage. The whole game was to see what a mom would actually do to protect her daughter. The worst of it is what would she do even if she knew her daughter didn't give a shit. Marybeth thought for a few minutes and explained that she was a respectable mom , married to a good man, she had a responsibility to protect her daughter. She would do whatever it took to protect her daughter. Denzel smiled again and asked her a hypothetical scenario of the daughter who didn't want to be protected, one who'd rather go out, party, raise hell, sleep around, etc. Would the moms sacrifice be a useless waste of her pride, respectabbility, her body? Marybeth felt anger build a bit. Denzel looked at her and went on to tell her all she had done that day. Marybeth was a bit taken back by what he described. He then leaned over to her and almost whispered "I bet you came more today than you've come in the last ten years" he coaxed a little and she shook her head slowly and admitted yes. Denzel then looked her in the eye and asked her if it wasn't for her being married, trying to be respectable, not protecting her daughter, etc that this actually would have been one of the most fulfilling sexual days she'd had in years. Marybeth looked at the floor and said nothing. Denzel grinned to himself then asked her to tell him he was wrong. This afternoon was the most intense sex she'd had in years..... She kept her eyes down not answering. He coaxed a bit more . She finally said in yes ina whisper. She then expanded by saying she was disgusted with herself for it too. Denzel went on and asked her why, she was a beautiful woman in her prime and should be able to enjoy incredible sex. He expanded by explaining that her husband would love the expansion of her sexual horizons and adventures. What husband wouldn't love a wife who loves sex, how to get it, how to enjoy it. Her guilt was unfounded and her daughter .... being respectable for her. What she never would know would never deprive her of her spoiled little life anyway. Denzel chided her by saying you should enjoy yourself, have a very active sex life, do anyone and anything that feels good and fuck this moral respectability bullshit. Marybeth just shook her head no very slowly. They pulled up in front of a nice very large luxury hotel. There were alot of fancy cars in front and several people dressed very nicely milling about outside. Denzel looked at Marybeth and said we're here. This is your night in a way. She looked at him quizzically and he went on to explain. Your dressed in this nice expensive red dress, fancy heals, all made up etc. Your here as an escort to a certain gentleman. Your bought and paid for But..... his plan is to corrupt you. Your a married woman who he will wine, dine, and take up to his penthouse suite and seduce. Your duty will be to accept his advances, allow yourself to be seduced. You WILL do whatever he wants, however, whenever, until dawn. Marybeth shook her head no but Denzel looked at her and reminded her that Terry was still at his place under the care of his folks. One call and they might have some fun for the evening. Marybeth looked dismayed and asked why. Denzel looked at her and said your going to go in there and be a slut wife on the prowl looking for a night of unbridled sex. This is my way of teaching you how, even if you must be coerced. You'll stay here all night and my driver will be here with this limo in the morning to pick you up. In the meantime I suggest you not leave on your own. It's a very long way back to my place and we'll know when you leave. Marybeth asked how she would know the gentleman and Denzel said he will meet you when you walk in. Marybeth walked into the hotel lobby and a large very well groomed hispanic man walked up and smiled a very nice smile. He held out his hand and introduced himself as Samuel then said "Welcome to my hotel Marybeth, Please come with me, our dinner is waiting." He lead her to the elevator and pushed the button for penthouse. Before she knew it the were in the luxurious penthouse. Samuel was incredibly handsome, well dressed, groomed, and wore a cologne Marybeth had never smelled. It was an incredible aphrodisiac she was convinced. Samuel lead her to a beautiful deck that overlooked the ocean. There was a splendid table with candlelight set for two. Samuel pulled out her chair and urged her to sit. He sat down and as soon as he was seated a waiter appeared and poured wine for both of them. Marybeth had an incredible dinner on the deck overlooking the ocean. She couldn't believe the luxury and the situations seemed so surreal. She had many glasses of wine during dinner and was feeling no pain. At the conclusion Samuel asked if she would like to go dancing. To prolong the sexual aspect of the evening she agreed. Samuel lead her to elevator and they descended. During the trip she could feel incredible sexual tension in the elevator, at least she thought so, maybe it was her nerves, maybe he would just take her to a room and ravish her. She had no idea and her nerves were on end. Maybe he was like a cat playing with a mouse he knew he'd already caught. She finally settled on that theory as the most likely. When their eyes met she knew this was a powerful, rich man, with plenty of confidence. She was his little prize and they both knew it. He had dark penetrating eyes and when he looked at her she actually felt her kneesw weaken. This man could seduce any woman he wanted. She was so confused about "Why Me?" She could figure out why he didn't just take her and brutally used her to satisfy his obvious lust and then just send her away. Why the pretense of a luxurious seductive evening. Her head spun and her mind worked overtime. The hotel had a full club downstairs with a live band and a couple hundred patrons. It was very popular night spot. It looked like about 75% tourists and some of the well off locals. They were escorted to a private table and ordered drinks. Marybeth finally looked at Samuel and asked "why all of this.... Just to bed me?" Samuel laughed a huge hardy laugh. He finally looked at her with very intense eyes and said "I could have you in bed yes... but the challenge is to get you actually interested in being there." "If I do everything right you may relax and actually enjoy yourself." Marybeth shook her head no in very slow movements and couldn't see how she could be coerced into sleeping with this man willingly when her daughter was a captive and she was here knowing she was bought and paid for. Literally a sex slave in fancy clothes. Samuel took her hand and lead her to the dance floor. They danced a few faster dances and then some slow tunes came up. They danced close and as she rubbed against him she could feel even in his gorgeous suit he was a powerfully built man. His arms were big and strong and as she put her arms around him she could feel his chest was massive as well. The drinks she'd had were taking their toll and she had a huge buzz going and dancing close like this the cologne he was wearing was hypnotic. She and Samuel began rubbing together more as they danced. When a fast song came up again she moved away from him almost grudgingly. When she started moving and dancing she began to feel the wetness in her panties. She was embarrassed and even shocked her body was responding like this. She hurriedly left the floor taking Samuel with her using the excuse she needed another drink. In a way she did. She had another tall fruity drink as they sat at the table. The drink was strong and was really kicking in. She was getting drunk and knew it. Sam had talked to the waiter in spanish when they ordered and she thought nothing of it. As she got near the bottom of her drink a slow tune was played and Samuel led her to the dance floor. In no time they were dancing very close. He rubbed against her and took alot of liberty with his hands. He cupped her ass several times and even ran a hand up between them and rubbed her breasts. Marybeth did not object and found herself dancing even closer and rubbing up against Samuel. She'd recover her wits in little bursts from time to time and chastised herself for acting like such a slut. In no time he'd be rubbing against her and she became so aroused she was almost dilerious. The sexual tension and little bits of sexual attention were like a drug. Samuel had on hand around her and was rubbing her ass then reached the other between them and began rubbing her left breast in earnest. She put her head on his chest/shoulder and hung on tight to him. Her legs were getting weak. Samuel nuzzled her neck and ear and she turned to him and without any thought began kissing him. He was an incredible kisser and in no time she was feeling intense passion in both their kisses. Samuel put his arm around her and danced her from the floor and over to a side door and before she knew it they were in an elevator going upwards. The lights were low in the elevator and in no time her and Samuel were kissing passionately. They arrived at the penthouse and Samuel led her from the elevator as they continued kissing. Marybeth barely noticed as her dress was slid off her shoulders and Samuel kissed her neck then shoulder then breasts. Her bra disappearred as Samuel expertly kissed and kneaded both her breasts then he proceeded to run his hands down over her shapely ass as her dress fell to the floor. Samuel lowered her to the couch and continued kissing her breasts then down her belly. Before she even realized it he was using his tongue on her wet pussy right through her lace panties. She groaned and began moving her hips. Marybeth was definitely lost in lust and rocked her hips to the attention his tongue was giving her through her panties. Samuel moved her panties to the side and began licking deep into her pussy folds. In no time he had her clit. Marybeth let out a moan and began rocking her hips in rhythym as Samuel licked her pussy and rubbing over her clit. Marybeth wasn't even aware she'd raised her hips when Samuel removed her panties. She noticed he pulled his tongue away as he removed her panties over her high heels but he was back to tonguing and fingering her almost instantly. In no time at all she had a strong orgasm. Samuel kept licking her pussy even after her climax. While he was down there he had removed his jacket, tie, shirt, and began undoing his pants. He stopped licking and stood up taking Marybeths hands and placing them on each end of his belt next to his unbuttoned pants. She grasped the pants as he began kissing her passionately. Marybeth could smell her strong pussy smells on his face and she could smell his cologne. Lust overtook her and she began working his pants down his legs. Samuel kicked of the pants then placed her hands on his hips and without further instruction Marybeth worked his underwear down behind his knees. He stepped out of them easily and began kissing him passionately again. As the kissing became more intense he layed her back on the couch. They were wrapped around each other and Marybeth could feel his large cock rubbing aginst the opening of her pussy. He was hot and she was so so wet. She could feel him rubbing around her pussy and rubbing between her pussy lips. He finally ended up holding his cock in the entrance of her pussy. He stayed right there and didn’t move. Marybeth moved her hips a bit as the head of his cock held it’s place in the entrance of her pussy. She finally let out a little whimper then pushed herself upwards onto Samuels cock. He held still and she literally had to push herself up onto him. In just a moment she had her hands on his ass and pulled him into her. Once she had his ass in her hands she fucked him as much as he fucked her. In no time at all she had a powerful orgasm. He never removed himself from her but began kissing her passionately as he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom and a bed. He remained buried in her and laid her on the bed and continued kissing her passionately. Once on the bed he held his cock deep inside of her and didn’t move. Samuel disengaged their kiss and began talking to her. Marybeths eyes were a glaze of lust and she answered with out even thinking as Samuel asked questions and talked to her. Ever so often he would make a couple of slow deep strokes in and out of her then would bury himself deep and hold still. Samuel aske dher if her husband had ever suggested she fuck other men. She nodded yes. He asked if she’d been tempted. She shook her head yes. He asked that now that she’d had this much sex with someone other than her husband would she actually do it if he asked. She whimpered a bit and whispered I shouldn’t, it’s wrong. He asked again by saying he wanted it why not. She whimperd that she might lose control and become a slut again. This intrigued him. He pursued it. He asked about the slut again comment. He stroked into and out of her a bit then she groaned and answered. When she was in college she got so addicted to sex she slept with many many men. She had spiraled to the point she had several gang bangs. Some nights when she drank she had no idea how many men had had her. One of her low points was a group of basketball players who video taped her. They tried to use the video to blackmail her into doing really rude porn with really rude, rough black men. When she found out she was pregnant she told them and they all but disappeared. She left college and had the baby girl, Terri. Terri had saved her from descending into a drunken life of doing porn and god knows what. She shook her head and said I can’t go back to that. Samuel began fucking her a bit more regularly and kissed her passionately. He and Marybeth came right together as she clawed his ass and tried to pull him even deeper. When he was done he pulled out and laid next to her. He whispered to her that she had a husband to help participate, he would enjoy it and help keep her from spiralling into trouble. She whimpered a bit more and said I’m not on anything. I’ll probably get pregnant from all of this. He’ll hate me. He chuckled and said not if you make it well worth his while. You better learn how to be a total slut again and make it interesting for him and he’ll never leave. Marybeth shook her head and said she didn’t know if she could. Samuel rolled her on her belly and kissed her back and shoulders. She moaned a bit and he stated you’ll have to get to where you crave sex and make him know you want it. She shook her head yes. He leaned in close and asked if she liked her sex rough. She whimpered and said I hate myself when it happens but yes I do. Samuel slammed his cock into her violently from behind. Marybeth let out a yelp then a kind of growling groan as he pounded in/out of her for a few. He raised his voice a bit and asked how rough... how rough.... Marybeth grunted out really rough.... oh god yessss.... Sam suddenly stopped and Marybeth let out a disappointed mew. Samuel rolled her over and looked into her eyes. He grinned an evil grin and said rough huh? How bout rough gangbangs? She whimpered again and said yes, but I get so sore. He leaned close and said what about rape fantasies? Marybeth shook her head no. Samuel asked “so you don’t like it?” she whimpered then admitted.... I like it and get to crave it, I let a group do a gang rape on me once, the black guys I told you about, I loved it, came so many times I passed out.... woke up with a guy fisting me. Was so sore I couldn’t pee or sit. She went on to explain after she healed she wanted to try it again. She let a couple guys tie her up and simulate a gang rape. She loved it but they left her tied up in dorm. Guys came through the night and fucked her over and over. She is sure that is the night she got knocked up. After Samuel and her were spent they went to sleep in each others arms. Marybeth woke at 7 AM to someone knocking on the door. Samuel was gone. She wrapped in a sheet and answered the door. It was Denzel. He instructed her to get dressed and follow him. In no time they were in the limo and ended up back at her bungalow on the beach. Denzel explained to her that she was to be naked in bed when her daughter got back to the bungalow. She was told her daughter would be with two girls who were her friends. They would ask her if she could go out on a friends yacht for a day cruise. Marybeth was to say Yes and give her a gift of an outfit she’d picked up the day before and it would be perfect for her boat trip. Marybeth looked at Denzel very warily and he said if you don’t I’ll step out of your closet naked and ask who it was. Marybeth would be caught in bed naked with a large naked black man hiding in her closet. Her daughter and her friends would get a shock. Marybeth agreed. When they got into the bungalow Denzel looked at his watch and told her to lose the red dress quick and get in bed naked. She did as she was told. Denzel turned and entered the closet. A few minutes later Terry came into the bungalow. She found her mom in bed and asked excitedly if her and her friends could go on a cruise. Marybeth asked the obligitory questions, was introduced to Terri’s friends Ann and Cassie. Marybeth consented and then told Terry she had an outfit for her to wear on the boat. Terri was excited and took the package. She ran into her room and came out wearing a little red string bikini, wrap around red skirt, and a white and red floral shirt. She also had a bottle of sun tan oil that had been in the box. She walked over and hugged her mom, who was still wrapped in a sheet, and said it was perfect. Her mom made sure she used the oil so she didn’t get burned. Terry looked concerned and asked what Marybeth would be doing and she answered shopping and keeping busy. Terry seemed relieved and grabbed her bag and headed out with Ann and Cassie. Terry felt all was well even though she had a nagging suspicion she’d done or had something done while she was passed out last night. Her pussy and tits didn’t feel quite right this morning when she woke up in a room at Denzels this morning. Ann and Cassie were in the room. She didn’t know them but they seemed to know her. They gave her a bad time about partying and drinking so much. It was about time she woke up. She asked who they were and they acted offended. They explained they were Ann and Cassie and they had partied all afternoon and evening. She better get up and have some breakfast or they’d miss the cruise. She looked at them curiously. They explained their friend had invited all of them for a day cruise on his yacht. Terry was going over to ask her mom this morning and get some things. They chided her some more about drinking so much and forgetting all this. Terry played along. She had her yellow bikini on and her light button up shirt on over it. She reasoned nothing must have happened. It was just her imagination. They jumped in Ann’s VW and drove over to Marybeth and Terry’s bungalow. Terry was a bit surprised to find her mom in bed naked. When she talked to her she thought her mom almost looked guilty about something. Her mom looked like she’d had a romp in the sack as her friends called it. Terry didn’t know for sure but looked around. She had just spotted a pair of mens shorts next to the closet door when her mom gave her the outfit in a box. She became distracted and didn’t pursue the issue of the shorts. She checked the bathroom when she got changed. The toilet seat was up. Hmmm... Her mom was getting some. What a slut... When she went back to her moms room to show off the outfit the shorts weren’t there. Her mom complimented her outfit, chit chatted, then Terry azsked her what she was going to do with her day. Her mom looked nervous and said shopping and keeping busy. Terry nodded OK and walked away knowiing her mom was having a fling and the guy was still around somewhere. Ann and Cassie rushed her out to the VW and started chattering as soon as they started driving. Terry stopped them talking and told them about the shorts and her moms look. They laughed and hooted about mom getting some loc al nooky. Terry just shook her head and mumbled about her mom being a married prude. Ann and Cassie both said in unison “Bullshit” she’s gorgeous and could get any guy on this coastline. Mom was a Cougar MILF as the guys would call her. Terry was floored. They just laughed and said let her have some fun, we’re going on a cruise and can have fun ourselves. They all yelled yeah! As they headed toward the docks. Terry still felt strange about the whole situation. New friends she knew but didn’t, her mom in bed naked looking like she’d just had sex, her funny feeling between her legs and the tenderness in her nipples. She wondered but couldn’t put anything together. They pulled up to the dock and walked down to a huge sailing yacht. Once onboard the girls introduced the 6 guys who were already on board and passed around drinks. Terry had a Pina Colada and it tasted really good. The guys fired up the motor and headed out of the harbor. Once clear of the harbor they set the sails. The girls all peeled of their dresses and shirts and rubbed oil on each other. They flirted unmercifully with the guys. They explained to Terry that she had met all 6 guys at the party the night before. The oldest guy the boats owner was named Samuel. He was a very strikingly handsome man and certainly powerful physically as well as his prescense. He had a easy smile and joked with everyone. Samuel offered to rub some oil on Terry’s back while two other guys helped Ann and Cassie with theirs. She had done her front so her back would be fairly safe so she accepted. Samuel rubbed her oil on her and by the time he was done her head was spinning. Everything was funny and she laughed alot. The guys handed each of the girls several drinks and they drank them greedily. Terry knew she had a buzz going but something else was kicking in too. Everything seemed so surreal like she was sitting next to herself. She watched herself laugh and carry on. Wierd. After a while the boat stopped in a small cove and dropped anchor. Ann and Cassie took Terry downstairs to the main cabin. It was huge and luxurious. At the front of the cabin was the biggest bed she’d ever seen. As soon as they were downstairs the guys came down bearing more drinks. Terry took her’s from Samuel and they chatted for a while. She told Samuel she was staying at a bungalow with her mom. He asked why she didn’t bring her. Terry lauhed and leaned close and told him about her suspicions of mom having a fling. Samuel laughed and said “Good for her” “At least she’ll have all day and evening to enjoy herself” Terry laughed about that then Samuel said “Everyone can have a great day.... So how much fun do you wanna have Terry?” She held up her drink and said “Lot’s of fun” everyone raised their glasses then drank. She looked around and realized Ann and Cassie were missing their tops and a couple guys were kissing or feeling them. Samuel leaned in and began kissing Terry. Terry felt wierd but went ahead and kissed him back. It was like she was sitting acrossed the room. All she could think was “What did they give me???? It can’t just be the Pina Coladas?” She saw/felt Samuel remove her bathing suit top and began sucking on her tender nipples. It felt great but she came back to herself for a second and mumbled “No I can’t be doing this” Samuel moved back to her mouth and began kissing her passionately. In no time all resistance was gone. She realized after a few minutes that Samuel was kissing her yet someone else was licking and sucking on her nipples. Terry thought to object but couldn’t as a hand began rubbing her pussy. She hadn’t even realized her legs were wide open. She looked at Ann and a guy had his face between her legs licking her pussy while another was kissing her and rubbing her tits. She was whimpering and moaning. She looked over at Cassie and she was laying on top of one guy obviously having sex while the other was running his hands all over her ass and pushing her onto the guy under her as he massaged her ass. Cassie was moaning and groaning. By the time Terry was done watching the other girls she realized her suit bottoms were gone and a couple fingers began playing in and out of her pussy. Samuels kissing and someone sucking her tits while playing with her pussy was exquisite. In no time she was rocking her hips and hearing a loud squishing noise from her pussy. Terry wanted to scream no but her body was saying yes. Whatever they had given her had taken away her ability to say no. Inwardly she cried out no as her body said yes. A third finger entered her pussy and moved around at will. She blinked for a minute, she thought it was a minute, and opened her eyes to find she was sitting on Samuel with her arms around his neck and kissing him passionately. She could feel the head of his cock between her pussy lips. He held perfectly still yet kept kissing her like she’d never been kissed. Samuels hands worked their way down her sides to her hips and as they rubbed their way down she felt herself lowering onto him. By the time his hands were on her hips he was inside her. He was bigger than she imagined. Her mind screamed “No” yet her body didn’t. Samuel massaged her hips and rocked her forward and back then up and down. In no time Terry was doing all the rocking herself. She craved more and pressed herself down onto him. He was big and she couldn’t seem to fit him all in yet something pushed her on and on. She worked for a long time and finally felt his huge balls against her ass. She had to hold still and pant for a moment with him that deep in her. Samuel lifted her up then lowered her back onto his cock a couple times. Terry groaned when he got deep. Samuel whispered in her ear and told her to fuck him like a true slut. He began kissing her tits then raising her up and down faster and harder. In no time his hands were rubbing her ass and she was forcing herself up and down at a furious pace. She was surprised when she came. She couldn’t catch her breath and the feeling deep inside her was incredible. She clung onto Samuel. Samuel was sucking her tits when another guy began kissing her lips. The sensation was incredible. She was shameless as she felt Samuel come deep inside her pussy. He stroked in and out and out for a bit then stood up holding her onto him. He turned her over on her back. He was standing up straight while she laid on the bed. The other guy kissed her some more then worked down to her tits. The feeling was incredible to have one guy burried in her as another worked over her lips and tits. Terry was having a great time. In no time she came like she’d never cum before. Samuel groaned and blew a huge load deep inside her. Terry was still feeling the high from climaxing as another guy took up Samuels spot and began fucking her. Terry wanted to object but it felt so good. The guy rolled her over on top of him and held her close as he fucked her deeply from beneath. Terry was working her hips and could her the slurping sounds her pussy was making due to her juices and Samuels cum sloshing around in her. She was reaching for another orgasm when a set of hands began working on has ass. Fingers played around her pussy lips as the cock slid in and out of her. She wanted to object but just couldn’t. The guy beneathe her was kissing her passionately when afinger entered her ass. She squealed a bit as the finger worked in and out of her. In no time at all she continued rocking her hips with a cock buried deep in her pussy and a finger in her ass. After a few minutes her ass felt stretched a bit more but she wasn’t sure. She then realized a second finger was in her ass. She felt warm liquid on her ass and realized someone was pouring some kind of warm oil on the fingers and her asshole. The guy under her began sucking on her tits very hard. It sent zings of pleasure through her and the guy began pumping her pussy harder. Terry reached an earth shattering climax as he pumped hard into her, sucked her tits, and the fingers in her ass worked in and out in a frenzy. She’d never felt anything like this before. She was in climactic bliss. The guy in her pussy slowed down to near stillness burried deep in her then the fingers were slowly removed. Terry rocked her hips a bit trying to get him going again. As she did that she felt the finger touching her asshole again. As it began pushing back in she felt a little more stretched. It hurt a bit yet felt awesome. She looked back and realized a large hispanic man was right behind her. It wasn’t his finger this time. He was fucking her ass. The other guy was still in her pussy. As her ass was filled she felt so badly stretched then the guy in her pussy began moving. Terry whimpered “Oh god no, no, no, It hurts, stop....” Both men began pumping in and out and she whimpered no a few more times. They picked up there pace and Terry groaned a bit they both went balls deep in her. The expression on her face was a combo of pain and bliss. Terry groaned “Oh god, it’s too much, oh god, oh oh oh” ass they filled her in and out. Terry began whimpering as the guy below her sucked on her tits very hard. Hands were parting her ass so wide and her tits were in agony from the hard sucking. Terry cried out “Oh god please.......” as she came in an earth turning orgasm she whimpered ot “fuck meeee......” Both men picked up there paced and slammed balls deep in her repeatedly. Terry was laying on the guy below her nearly limp with a look of pure agony on her face as they slammed her harder and harder. In no time the guy burried in her pussy groaned and blew his load. Tery was still in blissful agony. The guy in her pussy shrivelled and fell from her pussy. In a great manuever the guy in her ass burried himself deep in her then lifted her up off the lower guy. He never slipped out of her ass but stepped back and sat in a lounge chair. He lifted Terry’s legs over the arms and sat there with his cock burried in her ass. He grabbed her tits from behind and made her lay back onto his chest. As he squeezed her tits another guy took his place in front of Terry. Terry tipped her head back onto the hispanics shoulder and closed her eyes. She opened her eyes and looked up as a cock began pushing into her pussy. Her head snapped up a bit and looked into the eyes of a large black man. He started pushing into her and she screamed “Oh god no.... “ He worked a few more strokes into her as she looked down at her pussy and saw what looked like a black arm working into her. She cried and whimpered as the huge thing went slowly in and out of her. Her words were “No no no it hurts, oh my god, oh god...” Then some incoherent grunts. After a few minutes Terry’s head was back on the hispanics shoulder and her eyes were rolled back in her head. She was breathing hard and fast and whimpering. The guy in her pussy worked in about 8 inches yet had a couple more inches. He was slowly working in and out and the juices running out of Terry’s pussy were running down over the guy below her. He leaned forward and pushed a bit more in her. Terry let out a little groan and her face grimaced. The guy in her pussy and leaned forward and whispered “Do you like that?” Terry whimpered “No... no.... too much too much” He asked her “You want me to stop?” as he made a few quicker strokes she whimpered and said “No... it (grunt) feels soooo good. (grunt) Oh god....” The guy picked up his pace a bit and Terry moaned and groaned for a couple minutes. He leaned forward and asked “Are you a slut?” “Are you?” He sped up his strokes a bit and the guy in her ass began moving a bit too. Terry shook her head side to side to say no bit whimpered “ Oh god... I am. I’m such a slut...” She began moving to match their movements but couldn’t move much. She put her hands on his arms as he lleaned forward and whispered “Do you want the rest of it?” “Are you ready slut?” Terry grabbed his arm tight and whimpered “Yes (Ungh) yes... Fuck meeee.....” She flopped her head back on the guy behind hers shoulder as she let out a low groan. The last two inches was pushed up into her and he was ablls deep. He held still for a minute. Tears appeared in the corner of Terry’s eyes as she held them shut, her face looking torward the ceiling. Both men were balls deep in her pussy and ass and holding perfectly still. At least a full minute passed as the guy below her held her waist and held her down on him very firmly and the guy in pussy was pressed up inside her to the hilt. No one moved but Terry had tears in the corner of her closed eyes. After about a minute and a half she tried moving her hips a bit. She finally whispered “Do it....” The guy behind her whispered in her ear “Do what?” Terry shook her head a bit then rocked her hips a bit and said “Oh god fuck me.... fuck me hard..... oh god please.....” They guy behind her asked “Hard... how hard?” Terry shook her head and said “Hard... god I’m a slut and deserve it” she then whispered “Hurt me.... hurt me...” Both the guys looked at each other and shook their heads. The guy in her pussy withdrew to leave just the head of his cock in her and held it there. After a few seconds he whispered “Hard? Slut?” The others had gathered around Terry and Anne and Cassie were whispering “go for it.” Terry shook her head yes. With her head back on the guys shoulder facing toward the ceiling, eyes shut she whimpered “Yes.....” The other girls cheered “yes... take it slut” The guy in from of her slammed into Terry balls deep. Terry screamed in pain as he withdrew and did it again and again. The other girls cheered “Take it slut... your getting fucked now slut...” Slam in/out. Terry was screaming then growning. The other girls held her legs wider and the guy in her ass held her firmly on him and buried balls deep in her ass. After about ten powerful slams into her pussy Terry was stil crying out with tears running down her cheeks then surprisingly she cried “Yes..... Oh god yes....” I’m gonna cum”. Terry threw her head side to side and let out a crying groan as she climaxed. The guy in her pussy slammed some more then groaned and blew his load. Everyone worked her up and down a bit and the guy in her ass finally blew his load. By the time they lifted her off Terry was limp and nearly unconscious. She was laid on the bed Between Anne and Cassie. All three had there legs raised and were fucked deeply simultaneously. It was a beautiful sight but Terry was completely incoherent. As the last guy blew his load in her sopping pussy she passed out completely. I had lived next door to Allison for about two years when her husband died in a car accident just before Christmas. It was hard on her and her two daughters but they got through it. Allison was in her early forties at the time. She had two daughters, of which one was married and had a daughter of her own. I was just a few years older than Allison was and I too had lost my spouse in a car accident a few years before. That was why I had moved in next door to Allison. After my wife’s death I couldn’t stand to be around anything that reminded me of her, like our house, our friends, and our town. So I moved several states away. Fortunately what I do for a living does not require me to go into the office, as long as I have a high speed Internet connection and next day mail deliveries. When the snow melted I saw Allison outdoors more often. She was keeping herself busy working around in her flower garden as she had for the past two summers too. She spent a lot of time out there planting, weeding, and watering. I saw her youngest daughter come and go a lot. I had turned my upstairs corner room into my office just so that I could keep an eye on Allison. After all she was certainly worth watching. She was what the younger generation would call a MILF. Allison was certainly a ‘Mom that I would Like to Fuck.’ As the weather got warmer Allison started wearing less and less in her backyard. In the last couple of years it was unusual to see her dressed in just a skimpy bikini out there, but not this year. This year Allison was wearing what she wanted to wear and I certainly approved. One day I just could not contain myself any longer, so I put on a skimpy swimsuit and went out to offer her a cold drink. On a tray I had placed two glasses of iced tea, two glasses of Pepsi, and two glasses of wine, one white and one red. I was covering all basses and leaving nothing to chance. I carried the tray out to her and surprised her when I spoke. She smiled up at me and accepted my offer. We sat in her lawn chairs and she went right for the red wine. I told her that she could have both of them and that I would drink the Pepsi. She giggled and asked me if I was trying to get her drunk. Of course I said no but it had certainly crossed my mind. She looked good enough to eat. Her breasts were barely contained in her tiny top and the bottoms covered her well in the front but had slipped into her ass crack in the back. Apparently she saw something that she just had to take care of. It was a dead flower that she just needed to snip off. However, the view that she provided me was fantastic both walking away and then walking back toward me. As she walked away the material crept into her crack further with every step. As she walked toward me her pussy twitched causing my cock to grow considerably. When Allison sat back down she asked, “Did I just do that” then she looked directly at my cock. I looked down and saw that my swimsuit was having trouble containing it. I replied, “As a matter of fact you did. I haven’t been with a woman in a while.” Allison said point blank, “I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet.” I told her that I understood and asked her if I could continue to check her out from time to time. She smiled and said that she enjoyed the thought of being a sex object and told me that she would like it if I jerked off to thoughts of her occasionally too. Wow! That was a first for me. I had never known another woman that wanted to be a masturbation fantasy. We finished our drinks and went back to what we were doing before. A week or so later Allison said that she needed to clean out her garage and talked about having a garage sale. She offered me first choice. While she was weeding her garden in that same little bikini, I looked around inside her garage. It was mostly full of her husband’s tools, junk that he had collected over the years, and their possessions left over from her two daughter’s childhood. I spotted several old cardboard boxes up high in the rafters. I got out the ladder and checked them out. Most of the boxes were Christmas decorations but one way in the back was half full of old VCR tapes. They had dates on them but two had additional writing on them. One read “Allison eating pussy” and the other one read “Allison takes two cocks.” I brought the box down and then put some old tools on top of it. I carried it out to Allison and asked how much she wanted for the box full. She told me to just take it, we haggled about it, but I insisted that she take twenty dollars. When I handed her the money I smiled as she tucked the money into her left bikini cup and centered it over her hard nipple. I rushed home to check out my newfound treasure. It sure was a treasure. As I watched the videotapes I saw Allison over a twenty year span. She had matured quite nicely. Each videotape started out with a totally naked Allison telling me her full name, her age and the date of the videotape, then she told us what she was going to do before she actually did it. I watched Allison make out with another woman. It was better than any video that I had ever rented. Afterwards she explained that it had been her very first time to make love to a woman, but that it would certainly not be her last time. I watched as two men fucked her pussy and her asshole at the same time. That was also a first for her. I watched her on several of their family vacations having sex with her husband and having sex with other people too. The best videotape of all was when Allison’s two teenage daughters let twenty-five teenage virgin boys loose their virginities in their pussies. Bethany was sixteen years old at the time but poor little Claudette was only thirteen years old at the time and a virgin herself. Bethany took on fifteen of the bigger built boys while Claudette handled the other ten. All I could think as I watched was that Claudette certainly lost her virginity in an unusual way. There was one special videotape that I watched where Allison said that anyone with the magic ‘words’ could fuck her in any or all of her three holes. The magic passwords were “Pinocchio Rumpelstiltskin Cinderella.” The very next day I went over just as soon as I saw Allison come out of her house dressed in her sexy bikini. I snuck up behind her and said, “Pinocchio Rumpelstiltskin Cinderella.”

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