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Sam suddenly stopped and Marybeth let out a disappointed mew. Samuel rolled her over and looked into her eyes. He grinned an evil grin and said rough huh? How bout rough gangbangs? She whimpered again and said yes, but I get so sore. He leaned close and said what about rape fantasies? Marybeth shook her head no. Samuel asked “so you don’t like it?” she whimpered then admitted.... I like it and get to crave it, I let a group do a gang rape on me once, the black guys I told you about, I loved it, came so many times I passed out.... woke up with a guy fisting me. Was so sore I couldn’t pee or sit. She went on to explain after she healed she wanted to try it again. She let a couple guys tie her up and simulate a gang rape. She loved it but they left her tied up in dorm. Guys came through the night and fucked her over and over. She is sure that is the night she got knocked up. After Samuel and her were spent they went to sleep in each others arms. Marybeth woke at 7 AM to someone knocking on the door. Samuel was gone. She wrapped in a sheet and answered the door. It was Denzel. He instructed her to get dressed and follow him. In no time they were in the limo and ended up back at her bungalow on the beach. Denzel explained to her that she was to be naked in bed when her daughter got back to the bungalow. She was told her daughter would be with two girls who were her friends. They would ask her if she could go out on a friends yacht for a day cruise. Marybeth was to say Yes and give her a gift of an outfit she’d picked up the day before and it would be perfect for her boat trip. Marybeth looked at Denzel very warily and he said if you don’t I’ll step out of your closet naked and ask who it was. Marybeth would be caught in bed naked with a large naked black man hiding in her closet. Her daughter and her friends would get a shock. Marybeth agreed. When they got into the bungalow Denzel looked at his watch and told her to lose the red dress quick and get in bed naked. She did as she was told. Denzel turned and entered the closet. A few minutes later Terry came into the bungalow. She found her mom in bed and asked excitedly if her and her friends could go on a cruise. Marybeth asked the obligitory questions, was introduced to Terri’s friends Ann and Cassie. Marybeth consented and then told Terry she had an outfit for her to wear on the boat. Terri was excited and took the package. She ran into her room and came out wearing a little red string bikini, wrap around red skirt, and a white and red floral shirt. She also had a bottle of sun tan oil that had been in the box. She walked over and hugged her mom, who was still wrapped in a sheet, and said it was perfect. Her mom made sure she used the oil so she didn’t get burned. Terry looked concerned and asked what Marybeth would be doing and she answered shopping and keeping busy. Terry seemed relieved and grabbed her bag and headed out with Ann and Cassie. Terry felt all was well even though she had a nagging suspicion she’d done or had something done while she was passed out last night. Her pussy and tits didn’t feel quite right this morning when she woke up in a room at Denzels this morning. Ann and Cassie were in the room. She didn’t know them but they seemed to know her. They gave her a bad time about partying and drinking so much. It was about time she woke up. She asked who they were and they acted offended. They explained they were Ann and Cassie and they had partied all afternoon and evening. She better get up and have some breakfast or they’d miss the cruise. She looked at them curiously. They explained their friend had invited all of them for a day cruise on his yacht. Terry was going over to ask her mom this morning and get some things. They chided her some more about drinking so much and forgetting all this. Terry played along. She had her yellow bikini on and her light button up shirt on over it. She reasoned nothing must have happened. It was just her imagination. They jumped in Ann’s VW and drove over to Marybeth and Terry’s bungalow. Terry was a bit surprised to find her mom in bed naked. When she talked to her she thought her mom almost looked guilty about something. Her mom looked like she’d had a romp in the sack as her friends called it. Terry didn’t know for sure but looked around. She had just spotted a pair of mens shorts next to the closet door when her mom gave her the outfit in a box. She became distracted and didn’t pursue the issue of the shorts. She checked the bathroom when she got changed. The toilet seat was up. Hmmm... Her mom was getting some. What a slut... When she went back to her moms room to show off the outfit the shorts weren’t there. Her mom complimented her outfit, chit chatted, then Terry azsked her what she was going to do with her day. Her mom looked nervous and said shopping and keeping busy. Terry nodded OK and walked away knowiing her mom was having a fling and the guy was still around somewhere. Ann and Cassie rushed her out to the VW and started chattering as soon as they started driving. Terry stopped them talking and told them about the shorts and her moms look. They laughed and hooted about mom getting some loc al nooky. Terry just shook her head and mumbled about her mom being a married prude. Ann and Cassie both said in unison “Bullshit” she’s gorgeous and could get any guy on this coastline. Mom was a Cougar MILF as the guys would call her. Terry was floored. They just laughed and said let her have some fun, we’re going on a cruise and can have fun ourselves. They all yelled yeah! As they headed toward the docks. Terry still felt strange about the whole situation. New friends she knew but didn’t, her mom in bed naked looking like she’d just had sex, her funny feeling between her legs and the tenderness in her nipples. She wondered but couldn’t put anything together. They pulled up to the dock and walked down to a huge sailing yacht. Once onboard the girls introduced the 6 guys who were already on board and passed around drinks. Terry had a Pina Colada and it tasted really good. The guys fired up the motor and headed out of the harbor. Once clear of the harbor they set the sails. The girls all peeled of their dresses and shirts and rubbed oil on each other. They flirted unmercifully with the guys. They explained to Terry that she had met all 6 guys at the party the night before. The oldest guy the boats owner was named Samuel. He was a very strikingly handsome man and certainly powerful physically as well as his prescense. He had a easy smile and joked with everyone. Samuel offered to rub some oil on Terry’s back while two other guys helped Ann and Cassie with theirs. She had done her front so her back would be fairly safe so she accepted. Samuel rubbed her oil on her and by the time he was done her head was spinning. Everything was funny and she laughed alot. The guys handed each of the girls several drinks and they drank them greedily. Terry knew she had a buzz going but something else was kicking in too. Everything seemed so surreal like she was sitting next to herself. She watched herself laugh and carry on. Wierd. After a while the boat stopped in a small cove and dropped anchor. Ann and Cassie took Terry downstairs to the main cabin. It was huge and luxurious. At the front of the cabin was the biggest bed she’d ever seen. As soon as they were downstairs the guys came down bearing more drinks. Terry took her’s from Samuel and they chatted for a while. She told Samuel she was staying at a bungalow with her mom. He asked why she didn’t bring her. Terry lauhed and leaned close and told him about her suspicions of mom having a fling. Samuel laughed and said “Good for her” “At least she’ll have all day and evening to enjoy herself” Terry laughed about that then Samuel said “Everyone can have a great day.... So how much fun do you wanna have Terry?” She held up her drink and said “Lot’s of fun” everyone raised their glasses then drank. She looked around and realized Ann and Cassie were missing their tops and a couple guys were kissing or feeling them. Samuel leaned in and began kissing Terry. Terry felt wierd but went ahead and kissed him back. It was like she was sitting acrossed the room. All she could think was “What did they give me???? It can’t just be the Pina Coladas?” She saw/felt Samuel remove her bathing suit top and began sucking on her tender nipples. It felt great but she came back to herself for a second and mumbled “No I can’t be doing this” Samuel moved back to her mouth and began kissing her passionately. In no time all resistance was gone. She realized after a few minutes that Samuel was kissing her yet someone else was licking and sucking on her nipples. Terry thought to object but couldn’t as a hand began rubbing her pussy. She hadn’t even realized her legs were wide open. She looked at Ann and a guy had his face between her legs licking her pussy while another was kissing her and rubbing her tits. She was whimpering and moaning. She looked over at Cassie and she was laying on top of one guy obviously having sex while the other was running his hands all over her ass and pushing her onto the guy under her as he massaged her ass. Cassie was moaning and groaning. By the time Terry was done watching the other girls she realized her suit bottoms were gone and a couple fingers began playing in and out of her pussy. Samuels kissing and someone sucking her tits while playing with her pussy was exquisite. In no time she was rocking her hips and hearing a loud squishing noise from her pussy. Terry wanted to scream no but her body was saying yes. Whatever they had given her had taken away her ability to say no. Inwardly she cried out no as her body said yes. A third finger entered her pussy and moved around at will. She blinked for a minute, she thought it was a minute, and opened her eyes to find she was sitting on Samuel with her arms around his neck and kissing him passionately. She could feel the head of his cock between her pussy lips. He held perfectly still yet kept kissing her like she’d never been kissed. Samuels hands worked their way down her sides to her hips and as they rubbed their way down she felt herself lowering onto him. By the time his hands were on her hips he was inside her. He was bigger than she imagined. Her mind screamed “No” yet her body didn’t. Samuel massaged her hips and rocked her forward and back then up and down. In no time Terry was doing all the rocking herself. She craved more and pressed herself down onto him. He was big and she couldn’t seem to fit him all in yet something pushed her on and on. She worked for a long time and finally felt his huge balls against her ass. She had to hold still and pant for a moment with him that deep in her. Samuel lifted her up then lowered her back onto his cock a couple times. Terry groaned when he got deep. Samuel whispered in her ear and told her to fuck him like a true slut. He began kissing her tits then raising her up and down faster and harder. In no time his hands were rubbing her ass and she was forcing herself up and down at a furious pace. She was surprised when she came. She couldn’t catch her breath and the feeling deep inside her was incredible. She clung onto Samuel. Samuel was sucking her tits when another guy began kissing her lips. The sensation was incredible. She was shameless as she felt Samuel come deep inside her pussy. He stroked in and out and out for a bit then stood up holding her onto him. He turned her over on her back. He was standing up straight while she laid on the bed. The other guy kissed her some more then worked down to her tits. The feeling was incredible to have one guy burried in her as another worked over her lips and tits. Terry was having a great time. In no time she came like she’d never cum before. Samuel groaned and blew a huge load deep inside her. Terry was still feeling the high from climaxing as another guy took up Samuels spot and began fucking her. Terry wanted to object but it felt so good. The guy rolled her over on top of him and held her close as he fucked her deeply from beneath. Terry was working her hips and could her the slurping sounds her pussy was making due to her juices and Samuels cum sloshing around in her. She was reaching for another orgasm when a set of hands began working on has ass. Fingers played around her pussy lips as the cock slid in and out of her. She wanted to object but just couldn’t. The guy beneathe her was kissing her passionately when afinger entered her ass. She squealed a bit as the finger worked in and out of her. In no time at all she continued rocking her hips with a cock buried deep in her pussy and a finger in her ass. After a few minutes her ass felt stretched a bit more but she wasn’t sure. She then realized a second finger was in her ass. She felt warm liquid on her ass and realized someone was pouring some kind of warm oil on the fingers and her asshole. The guy under her began sucking on her tits very hard. It sent zings of pleasure through her and the guy began pumping her pussy harder. Terry reached an earth shattering climax as he pumped hard into her, sucked her tits, and the fingers in her ass worked in and out in a frenzy. She’d never felt anything like this before. She was in climactic bliss. The guy in her pussy slowed down to near stillness burried deep in her then the fingers were slowly removed. Terry rocked her hips a bit trying to get him going again. As she did that she felt the finger touching her asshole again. As it began pushing back in she felt a little more stretched. It hurt a bit yet felt awesome. She looked back and realized a large hispanic man was right behind her. It wasn’t his finger this time. He was fucking her ass. The other guy was still in her pussy. As her ass was filled she felt so badly stretched then the guy in her pussy began moving. Terry whimpered “Oh god no, no, no, It hurts, stop....” Both men began pumping in and out and she whimpered no a few more times. They picked up there pace and Terry groaned a bit they both went balls deep in her. The expression on her face was a combo of pain and bliss. Terry groaned “Oh god, it’s too much, oh god, oh oh oh” ass they filled her in and out. Terry began whimpering as the guy below her sucked on her tits very hard. Hands were parting her ass so wide and her tits were in agony from the hard sucking. Terry cried out “Oh god please.......” as she came in an earth turning orgasm she whimpered ot “fuck meeee......” Both men picked up there paced and slammed balls deep in her repeatedly. Terry was laying on the guy below her nearly limp with a look of pure agony on her face as they slammed her harder and harder. In no time the guy burried in her pussy groaned and blew his load. Tery was still in blissful agony. The guy in her pussy shrivelled and fell from her pussy. In a great manuever the guy in her ass burried himself deep in her then lifted her up off the lower guy. He never slipped out of her ass but stepped back and sat in a lounge chair. He lifted Terry’s legs over the arms and sat there with his cock burried in her ass. He grabbed her tits from behind and made her lay back onto his chest. As he squeezed her tits another guy took his place in front of Terry. Terry tipped her head back onto the hispanics shoulder and closed her eyes. She opened her eyes and looked up as a cock began pushing into her pussy. Her head snapped up a bit and looked into the eyes of a large black man. He started pushing into her and she screamed “Oh god no.... “ He worked a few more strokes into her as she looked down at her pussy and saw what looked like a black arm working into her. She cried and whimpered as the huge thing went slowly in and out of her. Her words were “No no no it hurts, oh my god, oh god...” Then some incoherent grunts. After a few minutes Terry’s head was back on the hispanics shoulder and her eyes were rolled back in her head. She was breathing hard and fast and whimpering. The guy in her pussy worked in about 8 inches yet had a couple more inches. He was slowly working in and out and the juices running out of Terry’s pussy were running down over the guy below her. He leaned forward and pushed a bit more in her. Terry let out a little groan and her face grimaced. The guy in her pussy and leaned forward and whispered “Do you like that?” Terry whimpered “No... no.... too much too much” He asked her “You want me to stop?” as he made a few quicker strokes she whimpered and said “No... it (grunt) feels soooo good. (grunt) Oh god....” The guy picked up his pace a bit and Terry moaned and groaned for a couple minutes. He leaned forward and asked “Are you a slut?” “Are you?” He sped up his strokes a bit and the guy in her ass began moving a bit too. Terry shook her head side to side to say no bit whimpered “ Oh god... I am. I’m such a slut...” She began moving to match their movements but couldn’t move much. She put her hands on his arms as he lleaned forward and whispered “Do you want the rest of it?” “Are you ready slut?” Terry grabbed his arm tight and whimpered “Yes (Ungh) yes... Fuck meeee.....” She flopped her head back on the guy behind hers shoulder as she let out a low groan. The last two inches was pushed up into her and he was ablls deep. He held still for a minute. Tears appeared in the corner of Terry’s eyes as she held them shut, her face looking torward the ceiling. Both men were balls deep in her pussy and ass and holding perfectly still. At least a full minute passed as the guy below her held her waist and held her down on him very firmly and the guy in pussy was pressed up inside her to the hilt. No one moved but Terry had tears in the corner of her closed eyes. After about a minute and a half she tried moving her hips a bit. She finally whispered “Do it....” The guy behind her whispered in her ear “Do what?” Terry shook her head a bit then rocked her hips a bit and said “Oh god fuck me.... fuck me hard..... oh god please.....” They guy behind her asked “Hard... how hard?” Terry shook her head and said “Hard... god I’m a slut and deserve it” she then whispered “Hurt me.... hurt me...” Both the guys looked at each other and shook their heads. The guy in her pussy withdrew to leave just the head of his cock in her and held it there. After a few seconds he whispered “Hard? Slut?” The others had gathered around Terry and Anne and Cassie were whispering “go for it.” Terry shook her head yes. With her head back on the guys shoulder facing toward the ceiling, eyes shut she whimpered “Yes.....” The other girls cheered “yes... take it slut” The guy in from of her slammed into Terry balls deep. Terry screamed in pain as he withdrew and did it again and again. The other girls cheered “Take it slut... your getting fucked now slut...” Slam in/out. Terry was screaming then growning. The other girls held her legs wider and the guy in her ass held her firmly on him and buried balls deep in her ass. After about ten powerful slams into her pussy Terry was stil crying out with tears running down her cheeks then surprisingly she cried “Yes..... Oh god yes....” I’m gonna cum”. Terry threw her head side to side and let out a crying groan as she climaxed. The guy in her pussy slammed some more then groaned and blew his load. Everyone worked her up and down a bit and the guy in her ass finally blew his load. By the time they lifted her off Terry was limp and nearly unconscious. She was laid on the bed Between Anne and Cassie. All three had there legs raised and were fucked deeply simultaneously. It was a beautiful sight but Terry was completely incoherent. As the last guy blew his load in her sopping pussy she passed out completely. I had lived next door to Allison for about two years when her husband died in a car accident just before Christmas. It was hard on her and her two daughters but they got through it. Allison was in her early forties at the time. She had two daughters, of which one was married and had a daughter of her own. I was just a few years older than Allison was and I too had lost my spouse in a car accident a few years before. That was why I had moved in next door to Allison. After my wife’s death I couldn’t stand to be around anything that reminded me of her, like our house, our friends, and our town. So I moved several states away. Fortunately what I do for a living does not require me to go into the office, as long as I have a high speed Internet connection and next day mail deliveries. When the snow melted I saw Allison outdoors more often. She was keeping herself busy working around in her flower garden as she had for the past two summers too. She spent a lot of time out there planting, weeding, and watering. I saw her youngest daughter come and go a lot. I had turned my upstairs corner room into my office just so that I could keep an eye on Allison. After all she was certainly worth watching. She was what the younger generation would call a MILF. Allison was certainly a ‘Mom that I would Like to Fuck.’ As the weather got warmer Allison started wearing less and less in her backyard. In the last couple of years it was unusual to see her dressed in just a skimpy bikini out there, but not this year. This year Allison was wearing what she wanted to wear and I certainly approved. One day I just could not contain myself any longer, so I put on a skimpy swimsuit and went out to offer her a cold drink. On a tray I had placed two glasses of iced tea, two glasses of Pepsi, and two glasses of wine, one white and one red. I was covering all basses and leaving nothing to chance. I carried the tray out to her and surprised her when I spoke. She smiled up at me and accepted my offer. We sat in her lawn chairs and she went right for the red wine. I told her that she could have both of them and that I would drink the Pepsi. She giggled and asked me if I was trying to get her drunk. Of course I said no but it had certainly crossed my mind. She looked good enough to eat. Her breasts were barely contained in her tiny top and the bottoms covered her well in the front but had slipped into her ass crack in the back. Apparently she saw something that she just had to take care of. It was a dead flower that she just needed to snip off. However, the view that she provided me was fantastic both walking away and then walking back toward me. As she walked away the material crept into her crack further with every step. As she walked toward me her pussy twitched causing my cock to grow considerably. When Allison sat back down she asked, “Did I just do that” then she looked directly at my cock. I looked down and saw that my swimsuit was having trouble containing it. I replied, “As a matter of fact you did. I haven’t been with a woman in a while.” Allison said point blank, “I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet.” I told her that I understood and asked her if I could continue to check her out from time to time. She smiled and said that she enjoyed the thought of being a sex object and told me that she would like it if I jerked off to thoughts of her occasionally too. Wow! That was a first for me. I had never known another woman that wanted to be a masturbation fantasy. We finished our drinks and went back to what we were doing before. A week or so later Allison said that she needed to clean out her garage and talked about having a garage sale. She offered me first choice. While she was weeding her garden in that same little bikini, I looked around inside her garage. It was mostly full of her husband’s tools, junk that he had collected over the years, and their possessions left over from her two daughter’s childhood. I spotted several old cardboard boxes up high in the rafters. I got out the ladder and checked them out. Most of the boxes were Christmas decorations but one way in the back was half full of old VCR tapes. They had dates on them but two had additional writing on them. One read “Allison eating pussy” and the other one read “Allison takes two cocks.” I brought the box down and then put some old tools on top of it. I carried it out to Allison and asked how much she wanted for the box full. She told me to just take it, we haggled about it, but I insisted that she take twenty dollars. When I handed her the money I smiled as she tucked the money into her left bikini cup and centered it over her hard nipple. I rushed home to check out my newfound treasure. It sure was a treasure. As I watched the videotapes I saw Allison over a twenty year span. She had matured quite nicely. Each videotape started out with a totally naked Allison telling me her full name, her age and the date of the videotape, then she told us what she was going to do before she actually did it. I watched Allison make out with another woman. It was better than any video that I had ever rented. Afterwards she explained that it had been her very first time to make love to a woman, but that it would certainly not be her last time. I watched as two men fucked her pussy and her asshole at the same time. That was also a first for her. I watched her on several of their family vacations having sex with her husband and having sex with other people too. The best videotape of all was when Allison’s two teenage daughters let twenty-five teenage virgin boys loose their virginities in their pussies. Bethany was sixteen years old at the time but poor little Claudette was only thirteen years old at the time and a virgin herself. Bethany took on fifteen of the bigger built boys while Claudette handled the other ten. All I could think as I watched was that Claudette certainly lost her virginity in an unusual way. There was one special videotape that I watched where Allison said that anyone with the magic ‘words’ could fuck her in any or all of her three holes. The magic passwords were “Pinocchio Rumpelstiltskin Cinderella.” The very next day I went over just as soon as I saw Allison come out of her house dressed in her sexy bikini. I snuck up behind her and said, “Pinocchio Rumpelstiltskin Cinderella.” Allison turned around, smiled at me, and said, “I see you found my husband’s old videotapes. Which hole would you like?” Allison smiled and said, “Okay. Where?” I smiled and asked, “Would my bed be okay?” Allison said, “Sure. Will you be filming it?” Allison smiled at me again and said, “Anything you want. I assume that you will keep blackmailing me until you get what you want.” then she laughed. I took her hand and led her to my house and up to my bedroom. She smiled when she saw my digital camera already attached to the tripod and in one corner. I picked up the remote and pressed a button. The television lit up, the camera started recording, and Allison turned to kiss me. She whispered in my ear, “This is exactly what I needed.” Allison then sat on the end of my bed and checked herself out in the television. She gave her full name, her current age of forty-two, and the date of the filming like she used too. Then as Allison undressed she told the camera that I had found out the magic password, that I was going to fuck all three of her holes even if it took us all night, and that I was going to take her husband’s place in her life. When she was done talking she was naked and lying on her back on my bed with her knees up and spread wide. I could see that her outer lips had separated and that her fluids were dripping out of her pussy. Being in front of the camera again must have given her an orgasm or two. I crawled between her legs and stuck my cock in her. She let out a soft cry as I bottomed out in her and then she said, “Oh God. Your cock feels so good in me. From now on you are my Master and I’m your sex slave. Please make me do disgusting things like my husband used to.” I exploded in her depths. It was a copious amount too. I hadn’t cum in a woman since the night before my wife died. I felt each and every squirt that was ejected from my body and landing inside her body. It was as if my senses had been heightened. Cumming in Allison was exactly what I had needed and I assumed that she needed me to take her husband’s place. I kissed Allison and said, “I want sex every day.” I kissed her again and asked, “Do your daughters come with the package too?” Allison said, “They can if you want them too.” I said, “I want you to masturbate for the camera until you are exhausted.” I got off the bed and started zooming into her pussy for a close-up. Allison smiled and said, “Yes, Master.” Just like she used to say to her husband on the videotapes. The very next morning Allison rang my doorbell even before I had gotten out of bed. I threw on a robe and went to the door. There stood Allison, Bethany, and Claudette. Bethany was carrying her ten-month-old daughter Jasmine. I let them in and offered them breakfast. They said that they had already eaten and that they were there for me. Allison said, “You asked if my daughters came with the package. The answer is yes.”

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